What is TechSquare?

KoçSistem’s acceleration platform for B2B initiatives focusing on the Internet of Things, Business Solutions, Analytics and Security.

TechSquare the New Generation Entrepreneurship Arena
TechSquare is built as a 360-degree square with the cooperation of several interested parties centered around technology ventures which include important stakeholders of the open innovation ecosystem, global brand partnerships, in-house support, universities and Teknoparks.

Our Perspective

The entrepreneurship ecosystem will direct the change and improvement of technologies. With this momentum, we are building a platform which can contribute to the improvement of society.

The TechSquare Entrepreneurship Motto
• Motivate
TechSquare acts with the acknowledgement that one of the most important steps of development and growth is entrepreneurship and innovation. TechSquare motivates the enterprises on the platform with this vision.
• Feel
TechSquare builds entrepreneurship and innovations on KoçSistem’s focus areas (IoT, Advanced Analytics, Business Solutions). This way, in-house entrepreneurship projects and open innovation projects properly convey the feeling of unity to entrepreneurs.
• Empower
TechSquare understands that entrepreneurship and innovation are antecedents of positive change and therefore encourages its ecosystem in this direction.
• Explore
TechSquare knows how entrepreneurship and innovation can lead to discoveries at any moment, so it allows them to happen with the help of its stakeholders in the ecosystem.
• Move
TechSquare leads entrepreneurship and innovation to materialize both in-house and in the innovation ecosystem.