Before entering the contest, participants are required to accept and acknowledge all statements regarding the TechSquare Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform lead by KoçSistem Bilgi İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. (‘’KoçSistem’’), its terms of involvement and the information on personal data processing which is to be found on www.techsquare.com.tr. All applicants must fill in the application form.
Participants accept and declare that all the information belongs to themselves, is given in full disclosure, that they are solely responsible for the information provided, and that they will be disqualified without the right of appeal in case any of the information proves false.

Applications to the TechSquare Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform that include ideas targeted towards advertising and marketing featuring product names, slogans, or logos will not be evaluated.

Applicants must be aged 18 or above by the application deadline to be accepted as valid.

Participants declare and undertake that the idea/project they propose to the Entrepreneurship Platform is realized by themselves, that it is authentic and not plagiarized from or violate the intellectual rights of any natural or legal third party. In case the participant acts against this particular article, he/she undertakes that he/she is exclusively responsible for any demand/lawsuit or objection directed to KoçSistem Bilgi İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. The participant accepts liability for any financial loss suffered by KoçSistem caused by the aforementioned demands/lawsuits or objections.

Participants accept in advance that in case the proposed idea/project is not original and authentic, is related to popular and foreseeable applications, and is related to any application with a high possibility of being utilized in the near future, they won’t object to KoçSistem’s use of the idea either in its current form or in a developed form, and that they waive any rights and demands regarding the idea/project.

Participants acknowledge and undertake not to express, hand out, or share the theme of the contest or the idea/project of the finalist with other companies active in the information technologies market of which KoçSistem is also a part, including companies related to the information technologies sector regardless of where they stand as competition to KoçSistem.

Participants agree and accept not to use in any shape or copy, nor to utilize for the benefit of institutions or establishments, nor to make public to third parties any information created about the idea/project for the contest, the commercial secrets of KoçSistem’s activities, KoçSistem’s current methods in various domains, its operational practices, business volume, finalized projects, projects still under preparation and intellectual rights, and beyond these, any information or document which belongs to KoçSistem and its business partners. The participant
also agrees and accepts to maintain the confidentiality of the idea/project, of all other private information, related documents and their storage, to take every measure in this respect and act according to the terms of confidentiality.

KoçSistem is not obliged to respond to any application and is free to take the application idea/project into consideration or not. Such application by the participant does not put any liability on KoçSistem including but not limited to considering the application. The participant irrevocably agrees and accepts full knowledge of all these matters while applying. KoçSistem reserves the right to change the contest’s schedule, awards, judges, selection criteria or other
information announced within the contest, without prior notice. The evaluation process, schedule, award procedure, and winning requirements will be announced by KoçSistem again in the future and will be accessible on  ww.techsquare.com.tr. The participant acknowledges in advance that he/she waives any demands/claims if he/she doesn’t accept that process, procedures and award winning conditions are subject to change by KoçSistem.

KoçSistem reserves the right to change the involvement terms based on its own initiative, without any liability and without prior notice. Changes mentioned hereby will be issued online at www.techsquare.com.tr by KoçSistem and will be binding from the issue date onwards. The participant irrevocably acknowledges and declares that he/she won’t be able to claim any lack of information in case any change takes places as per the aforementioned conditions.

KoçSistem can inform all participants about its products and services through e-mail, SMS or phone.

Communication information shared by the participant on the application form will be recorded by KoçSistem for the purpose of encouraging new involvement related to the application idea/project or new applications as well as getting in touch with the contestant.