Benefits of TechSquare

Offers 360-degree acceleration support to innovative and sustainable B2B initiatives.

• Support Fund
Through regular contests, a support fund and a variety of technological advantages are offered to high-ranking initiatives.
• Physical Working Space
TechSquare selects beneficiary B2B initiatives and offers them physical space as needed.
• Technological Infrastructure Support
Initiatives on TechSquare have the option to take advantage of KoçSistem’s cloud storage, IoT development platform, and Security and software development solutions.
• Networking with Global and Local Brands
Provides the opportunity for initiatives to meet global and local companies already operating within the corporate body of TechSquare.
• Introduction to Potential Customers
Prepares a basis for initiatives to propose their solutions together with KoçSistem and its clients.
• Joint Business and Solution Development
KoçSistem will deliver technology solutions to clients in innovative and faster ways by partnering with entrepreneurs.