What is TechSquare?

KoçSistem’s acceleration platform for B2B initiatives focusing on the Internet of Things, Business Solutions, Analytics and Security.


What does TechSquare offer?

Offers 360-degree acceleration support to innovative and sustainable B2B initiatives.



TechSquare supports B2B initiatives, and KoçSistem’s deep-rooted and powerful global/local business partnerships help this process accelerate even more.p


submit project in 3 steps

Take advantage of TechSquare’s support including: work space, mentoring, funding, workshops, technical and cloud services.

Take a Break

A Walk

If you feel like you can’t make time for yourself during the day, a 35-40 minute walk is just the thing! This way you won’t be excluding the healthy and simple exercise of walking from your life, and you will be increasing the endorphin levels in your body while breathing clean air. You will feel much better.

Your Work Area

You should personalize your office area, especially your desk. As an example, you can create a private setting with scented candles and motivating objects.


You can make a point to have lunch outside the office sometimes. Taking a step away from the work environment lets you take a deep breath, and it will increase your motivation when you return, so you will work much more comfortably.

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